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Roger Hane: Art, Times, Tragedy


 by Robert C. Hunsicker

"At the time of his death, Roger Hane was the best illustrator in America."
Milton Glaser, Designer-Illustrator

"Roger Hane had become an indelible symbol
of the 1970s and the best of illustration of that era..."
Walt Reed, Illustration House Gallery

"Roger was the driving force and influenced a
number of young illustrators with his style of
surreal, fantasy, editorial illustration."
- Charles Santore, Illustrator

"Roger died much too early, without enough time
to fully unveil his most personal artistic voice."
- Marshall Arisman, Award Winning Illustrator Masters of Illustration Chair, School of Visual Arts

"Roger Hane's illustrations were an inspiration to all of us in the professional illustration community at a time when the field was in great stylist flux."
- Barron Storey, Award Winning Illustrator & Art Professor

"Roger was never jaded; he was his most severe critic."
- Frank Metz,
New York Magazine

"Roger was very clever, he had to be more inventive with his subject matter in order to stay ahead."
- Wilson McLean, Illustrator

"Roger Hane died for nothing, which is the most difficult and absurd thing of all."
- Pete Hamill,
New York Post

Near-300 pages of art and biography on the star illustrator of The Chronicles of Narnia, Clapton's Goodbye Cream album, Carlos Castaneda's Separate Reality, and more. Roger Hane revived American illustration toward the fantastic and surreal. Two weeks after being named Artist of the Year, Hane was senselessly murdered. At the time his art graced the covers of New York and Fortune magazines. To graduates at Philadelphia College of Art, foremost American designer, Milton Glaser, who provides the foreword for this tome, said Hane was the best illustrator in America. In this impressive compendium, award-winning visual arts and media producer and friend of Roger Hane, Robert C. Hunsicker, expands upon the great illustrator's career and tragic demise.

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