The Collection of

Fantastic Art

Compiled & Edited by
Patrick & Jeannie Wilshire

VISIONS OF NEVER presents the uncollected works of six of the fantastic art genre's finest craftsmen. VISIONS' award-winning artists represent a wide range of styles and approaches, from the surrealistic personal works of Paul Lehr to the ornate, multi-layered masterpieces of Richard Bober, and cover a broad cross-section of the field, from gaming art to book-cover illustrations to large-scale gallery works.

Artists featured in this volume:


At long last, there is an alternative to the mongraph. VISIONS OF NEVER is an exciting new anthology, spotlighting the very best craftsmen in the fantastic art genre, chosen solely for the quality of their work. Whereas most art collections focus on presenting the works of the most well-known artists, VISIONS feels that it is the responsibility of the anthology to introduce readers to the works of great artists with whom they might not be familiar.


The artists in the flagship volume of VISIONS OF NEVER are among the most talented to work in the field in the past 40 years - the artist's artists. The included works consist of both illustration and personal paintings, covering every facet of the science fiction/fantasy genre. The vast majority have never been collected in book form, and many have never before been published.

Accompanying the images are essays on each artist, comprised as much as possible from the artists' own words, or those of close associates. These essays provide a feel for the artist as a person, just as the images provide a feel for their artistic vision.

About the Authors:

Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire are internationally recognized art collectors and historians within the field of fantastic art. In 1998 they founded the annual IlluXCon fantastic illustration symposium and now divide their time between writing about the field and promoting it to new generations of collectors, fans and students.

"Visions of Never is beautifully designed and showcases amazing pieces of art by extremely talented artists.
I am looking forward to adding it
to my collection of art books."

–Greg Hildebrandt

"An outstanding, must-have collection of six of the finest fantasy artists! Editor, Pat Wilshire's expertise in the field of fantasy fine art brings together in-depth commentary and rarely seen images, giving you a rare, inspiring glimpse into the brains of these creative geniuses."


"VISIONS OF NEVER is more than a collection of work by six of the fantasy field's most accomplished wizards, it is a cultural document defining the perimeter of the genre in which it was created, revealing the compelling scope and style of the period with charm, authority, and imagination."

–Jim Steranko

"What an exciting book; well presented
with pages full of inspiring art work"

–Justin Sweet

Hardcover Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1-934331-33-0
• 128 pages
• $39.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Released December 2009

Softcover Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1-934331-32-3
•128 pages
• $24.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Released December 2009

Deluxe Hardcover Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1-934331-37-8
• 128 pages
• $ 59.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Released December 2009

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