Strange Worlds of Science Fiction

Vanguard Wally Wood Classics Series

Strange Worlds of Science Fiction:
The Science Fiction
Comics of Wally Wood

Wallace Wood Author-Illustrator,
J. David Spurlock
Jim Steranko
Cover Design/Color, trade HC & PB

Vanguard Publishing adds the new graphic novel, Strange Worlds of Science Fiction, the most extensive collection to-date, of sci-fi comics by Hall of Fame creator Wallace Wood to their acclaimed line of books. Tales from the Crypt and Weird Science publisher Bill Gaines called Daredevil, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and Mars Attacks co-creator, Wally Wood "the greatest Science Fiction artist of all time." Vanguard's Strange Worlds, collects an unprecedented wealth of rare, collectable 1950s sci-fi comics from original titles, Strange Worlds, Space Detective, Capt. Science, Space Ace, and more. Thrill to early adventures of bubble-headed space jockeys and sultry vixens battling bug-eyed monsters in sensationalistic stories like: The Flying Saucers, An Earthman on Venus, Spawn of Terror, Winged Death on Venus, The Monster God of Rogor, The Martian Slayers, The Insidious Doctor Khartoum, Time Door of Throm, Death in Deep Space, Bandits of the Starways, The Opium Smugglers of Venus, Trail to the Asteroid Hideout, The Weapon Out of Time, Kenton of the Star Patrol, Sirens of Space, Operation Unknown, and others. Readers of the Vanguard Frazetta Classics series, are sure to enjoy this, from Vanguard's Wally Wood Classics series.

Hardcover Edition

ISBN-10: 1934331406
ISBN-13: 9781934331408

* 208 8.5 x 11 heavy, glossy pages.
*$39.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Released January 15, 2012

Softcover Edition

ISBN-10: 9781934331414
ISBN-10: 9781934331415

* 208 8.5 x 11 heavy, glossy pages.
*$24.95 (+$6.95 U.S. S/H)

Released February, 2012

Slipcased Hardcover Edition

ISBN-10: 193433152X
ISBN-13: 9781934331521

* 224 8.5 x 11 heavy, glossy pages.
*$69.95 (+$6.95 U.S. S/H)

Released January 15, 2012

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