WALLY WOOD®: PANELS THAT ALWAYS WORK has grown to be one of Wallace Wood's most famous pieces. Wood's historic, 3 pages of PANELS THAT ALWAYS WORK original art survived in the Wood archives for decades. Sadly, it was consumed in the tragic fire at the home of the Estate's Director Emeritus, Bill Pearson, in 2004. The copyrighted work was originally published in The Wallace Wood Sketchbook (Wood-Crouch 1980). Notoriety of Wood's primer grew when former-Wood-assistant Larry Hama, while an editor at Marvel Comics, distributed Wood's storytelling primer to artists there espanaviagra.net. Hama had pasted-up Xeroxes of Wood's 3-page work to conveniently fit on a single page but left out two of the original panels as Hama's Xeroxes were too faint to make out Wood's lightest pencil sketches. This new, official Wood Estate-authorized edition is the best quality version of Wood's famous, copyrighted work ever available in a concise print format. 

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