Thus begins the Nightstand Chillers, a graphic novel, which collects for the first time, the classic horror stories by the comic-book master of the macabre, Pat Boyette.

Pat Boyette -THE NIGHTSTAND CHILLERS      Included is the tale of Aaron Parigee, who, tonight would not dream his curse of the damned! He would not stand at the mouth of a hell, peopled with vile, loathsome things spawned in dark rills of a tormented memory! No, not tonight, for this day he had kept, The Vow!

     Here you can read of the space explorer, General Aaden, who knew in his heart that he had botched his job, but as far as he was concerned, the entire project on this rancid planet had been a disaster and he was relieved to write any kind of an end to the messy clean-up of the, Carrion of the Gods.

     In those grand ole days before the embalming of the human spirit by an electronic mortician, entertainment was generally supplied by roving minstrels and jesters, but another happening of some excitement was the coming of, The Geek!

     Then comes the tale of Skaakland, the chilling darkness at the end of the world! This is despair's dominion and the final sanctuary of the spirit creature Kandelrue! But now, for the first time in five long years the fire of hope glows in the breasts of the human cattle of Skaakland for they know, The Demon is Dying!

     These and other tales of Black Death, ghouls, ancient Egypt, space travelers, witches, demons, warriors and geeks are the pulse-pounding contents of Pat Boyette's, The Nightstand Chillers.

Author Bio:
     After decades of work in television and film, Dungeon of Harrow director Pat Boyette turned his back on the big screen and the small, to reveal his unique sense of the macabre through years of surreal, atmospheric comic-book stories. Boyette's horror and sci-fi works appeared frequently in the pages of Creepy, Ghost Manor, The Phantom, Unexpected, and Witching Hour. The multi-talented artist-writer also produced a wealth of heroic comics including, Six Million-Dollar Man, Blackhawk, Flash Gordon, Korg, Jungle Jim, Space 1999, and his own creation, Peacemaker. While Boyette is no longer with us, his stories in The Nightstand Chillers are guaranteed to make a frightening impression.

     In addition to the expanded Nightstand Chillers TPB, Pat Boyette has appeared in EDGETM number 2, 3, 4, and 14 (the original Nightstand Chillers issue). Pat Boyette is also represented in the Cutting EDGETM Creator Card Set.

    Trade Paperback
  • Black & White with Color Covers
  • Introduction by: Alex Toth
  • Afterward by: STERANKO
  • Edited by: J. David Spurlock
  • 116 pages, Prestige paper
  • Trim size: 6 5/8" X 10 3/16"
  • $16.95
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