Vanguard and Neal Adams presents the Michael Golden-Larry Hama classic in a popular MANGA-format graphic novel.

Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Menace

The Toad Menace will not give in easily, but bring all their slimy, wart-covered forces down on the furry rebels. If Bucky wishes to survive, his only choice is to marshal his own allies and construct the greatest weapon the Aniverse has ever imagined?the Harecraft Carrier! Bucky, Willy , Jenny, Deadeye, Bruiser and Blinky battle the Toads at every turn while they gain the necessary components. Secrets of Jenny?s past are revealed when the crew meets the infamous Pitstop Pete, the greatest mechanic ever and an all-around heck of a dog! Bruiser?s home-world is explored when Bucky saves the Betelguisian Banana Runners from the Toad Stuka Bombers! And everyone cringes in horror when they confront the Cyborg Spider of the Outer Rim. It all leads up to a bone-cracking, metal-bending, tooth-gnashing confrontation between Toadborg, the ULTIMATE TOAD OF DOOM and Willy DuWitt?um?the uh?.that cute little boy from Earth. You, know, the one with the coke-bottle glasses.
Larry Hama is a Japanese American writer, artist, actor who is best known as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, where he wrote G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero! He has also written for the comic-book series, Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja, and Elektra, and he created the character Bucky O'Hare, which was developed for comic books, video games, toys and cartoons. During the late-1970s, he was seen in minor roles on the TV shows M*A*S*H and Saturday Night Live.
Michael Golden is a popular and talented comics artist. His first work for Marvel was the Micronauts. He has worked in several genres, from superhero (Dr Strange) to anthropomorphic funny animal (Bucky O'Hare) and war stories (The 'Nam). Among his other credits are The Avengers, Wolverine, Batman, G.I. Joe and Howard the Duck. Golden also served as Art Director at Marvel Comics following John Romita.

Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Menace
?Ģ ISBN: 1-887591-96-6
?Ģ 196 5 x 7.5 Pages

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