No one better defines cutting-edge artist than Dave McKean. His work, whether in illustration, galleries, comics, music or film, consistently raises the bar?often to a level previously unachieved. Born 1963 in England. Attended Berkshire College of Art, 1982-86. His award winning graphic novels include Arkham Asylum with author/playwrite Grant Morrison, Signal to Noise and Mr. Punch with Neil Gaiman. He has written as well as illustrated two books, Cages and Pictures That Tick and has created hundreds of comic-book cover illustrations including the entire 75-issue run of the groundbreaking Sandman series for DC/Vertigo.
     McKean has also created advertising images for Nike, Kodak, Mini, Eurostar, Smirnoff and the U.K. Government?s social work scheme, and over 150 CD packages for Toad the Wet Sprocket, Michael Nyman, Tori Amos, Counting Crows, Bill Laswell, Frontline Assembly, Bill Bruford, and Alice Cooper among others.

     He has worked on a variety of book and film projects with J ohn Cale, The Rolling Stones, Milcho Manchevski, Steven King, Lars Von Trier and Ian Sinclair.
     As well as directing and designing films, illustrating children?s books, and running the jazz record label Feral, McKean and Gaiman have recently contracted with Jim Henson Pictures to produce the new film, Mirrormask.

     McKean?s Vanguard contributions include cover collaborations with Barron Storey on the ?95-96 WATCH Annual (right) and subsequent signed, artist-proof print, as well as interior art and an interview in that issue; an introduction to Arisman?s Sacred Monkey Man EDGE Special; and cover, interior art, interview and sequential art in the EDGE 10th anniversary book (above right).
     These books and others can be ordered using the Vanguard Order Form, and are described in the Vanguard Bookstore in the Magazines & Comics and Art & Music Books sections. The signed "WATCH Cover Proof" is described in the More From Vanguard section of the Vanguard Bookstore.

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