by Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino

Vanguard Productions JESSE JAMES by Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino     America's number 1 outlaw, Jesse James, with a price on his head and a six-gun shooting hot lead, rides a danger trail after a fortune in Apache gold in, "Apache Treasure." Shooting a path through posses and Pinkerton detectives, Frank and Jesse James ride over the Kansas-Missouri border. Riding to meet them with blazing six-guns is a beautiful lady outlaw in "The James Boys' Revenge!" These are just a few of the pulse-pounding tales of Jesse James.
     Gunsmoke, Maverick, Bonanza, Have Gun - Will Travel, The Rifleman: the 1950s spawned the greatest Western stories ever! In the old West the young gunslinger Jesse James rode a hard road to become a legend. In New York City of the early 1950s, two young compadres joined forces to prove what they were made of on their way to their own legendary status. Joe Kubert went on to create classic Tarzan, Hawkman and war comics starring Sgt. Rock before founding the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Art! Carmine Infantino went on to create the Flash, Deadman, Batgirl, and proved the top Batman artist of the 1960s before becoming President and Publisher of DC Comics.

     This graphic novel collects, for the first time, the classic 1950s outlaw stories of the often heroic Jesse James, by comic book legends Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino.


     Joe Kubert has worked in the comic book and comic strips field for over sixty years, since the age of 11, and is considered to be an international master of the art form. Renowned for his work on Hawkman, Tor, Sgt. Rock, Enemy Ace, Tales of the Green Berets, Firehair, and Tarzan, Kubert is also a top art instructor, having founded the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ over 20 years ago. Kubert is the author of the socially relevant and critically acclaimed graphic novel, Fax from Sarajevo as well as the instructional art tome, Superheroes: Joe Kubert's Wonderful World of Comics.

     Carmine Infantino will always be remembered as the personification of DC Comics' Silver Age. Infantino resurrected a dying comics industry in 1956, with his co-creation, the Flash and remains the best remembered Flash artist of all-time. Infantino proved an all-time great sci-fi artist with his elegant, Adam Strange, the only sci-fi comic to rival the sales of Star Wars, which Infantino also illustrated.
     In 1964, he with editor Julius Schwartz, saved Batman comics from cancellation with the "New Look," redesigned the Batmobile and created Batgirl. All of which inspired the Batman TV-show. In 1971, Infantino became Publisher and later, President of DC Comics. His corporate moves included development of the Superman films I and II starring Christopher Reeve.

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signed by Kubert AND Infantino. 100 pages, plus 16 page bonus portfolio and full color dust-jacket.

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