The Art of Nick Cardy

     Nick Cardy has been both a creative and dynamic cartoonist and illustrator for over 50 years. Spanning the Golden Age to the present, Cardy's career began in 1939 with the Eisner/Iger shop, which produced the Spirit newspaper supplement, Plastic Man comic books and more. Cardy went on to illustrate newspaper strips, including Tarzan, and enjoyed a 25 year association with DC Comics before moving on to magazine and movie poster illustration. As well as being one of DC Comics' top Batman and Superman cover artists, fans remember that in the 1960s, Nick helped define comics' Silver Age with stunning sequential artwork on Aquaman, Teen Titans, and Bat Lash. The artist's contributions to the comic book industry earned him the prestigious "Ink Pot Award" for Outstanding achievement.

Cardy did occasional non-comics illustration work throughout the decades in which he focused primarily on comic books and strips. But in 1975 the artist decided to focus on illustration, particularly movie and television work. Some of the properties he worked on include Bad News Bears, Return of the Pink Panther, Meatballs II, California Suite, and even Apocalypse Now.

Long-time DC Comics artist and publisher Carmine Infantino said, "It's not an understatement that one of my greatest pleasures in this industry is having known Nick and his work. He deserves every accolade."

"Nick and I are thrilled!" stated author John Coates. "Vanguard Publishing is well-known for producing quality work. We couldn't be happier about the new trade edition." Coates continued, "We've been inundated by collectors and retailers, all eagerly seeking copies of the book. The Vanguard edition will please retailers, historians and fans alike."

J. David Spurlock,
Nick Cardy and Holly
Frazetta at Nick's final
convention appearance
in Miami, 2013.

The Art of Nick Cardy
Table of Contents
Foreword by Mark Evanier
1: 1920-1939 the Formative Years
2: 1939-1943 the Eisner/Iger?early Fiction House
3: 1943-1946 the War Years
4: 1946-1952 Post-War Years
5: 1948-1961 the Early DC Years
6: 1961-1968; Aquaman & Teen Titans
7: 1968-1975 Bat Lash, Covers & More
8: Inking vs. Penciling
9: Illustration and Hollywood
10: Appreciation by Richard Howell
11: Cardy Interviewed by Jon b. Cooke
12: Tributes & Appreciations
Afterword by Kurt Busiek
Index of the Artist's Works
  • 273 black & white illustrations
  • 60 color illustrations
  • 176 pages
  • Edited by J. David Spurlock
  • Prestige paper
  • Trim size: 8.5 wide x 11 tall

Deluxe Hardcover Edition

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  • Signed by
    Nick Cardy

  • Includes Bonus
    16-Page Portfolio


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