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May 11, 2010


Vanguard Productions, the world's leading producers of art book biographies on illustrators and cartoonists, returns to BookExpo America, America's largest publishing industry convention, at New York's Javits Center, May 25-27, 2010.

Vanguard's book ROGER HANE: Art Times & Tragedy, on the slain Chronicles of Narnia artist is nominated for an IPPY Award at BEA and will be featured in BEA's special New Title Showcase in the lobby of the Javits Center. Visit Vanguard at booth 2413 for BEA.

Philadelphia, Aug 6, 2009 (updated Aug, 10)


Vanguard and Spurlock Triumph Over

Warren Publishing in FAMOUS MONSTERS Case

Federal Judge rules in favor of VANGUARD on all counts

in Warren Famous Monsters of Filmland related copyright case.

In a ruling important to authors, artists and publisher." as well as to fans of 'monster master' atist Basil Gogos. Vanguard publisher, J. David Spurlock, represented by Pepper Hamilton LLP, recently defeated a lawsuit asserting copyright infringement and unfair competition claims against the co-author and publisher of a biography and retrospective of the famous monster artist who created dozens of memorable images of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and other staples of classic monster movies.

In addition to Entertainment and Business news reports, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Weimar World News, the story is being picked up widely by academics including, and legal reporters including, Intellectual Property Today, Cincinnati Law Library Association, the Legal Intelligencer newspaper, and The Media Law Resource Center to name a few. About the ruling, said,

"In a federal court in Philadelphia, a couple dozen movie monsters made some important new law and set a few significant precedents in the area of copyrights and trademarks that will help to define the doctrine of "fair use" for years to come." LAW.COM

The Honorable Michael M. Baylson ordered on August 4, 2009, in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania case of WARREN PUBLISHING COMPANY et al v. J. DAVID SPURLOCK D/B/A VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS (Case Number:?« 2:08-cv-3399) that Plaintiff?—Ę Motion (Warren) for partial Summary Judgment and for Sanctions is DENIED and that Defendant?—Ę (Vanguard/Spurlock) Motion for Summary Judgment is GRANTED. Final Judgment is entered In Favor of Defendant (Vanguard/Spurlock) on all Counts.

About the ruling on the suit filed a year ago by Jim Warren, the first publisher of Famous Monsters of Filmland, the monster movie magazine made famous by the late Forrest J Ackerman, Vanguard publisher, defendant and artists rights advocate J. David Spurlock said, "We are, of course, very pleased that Vanguard and I have been completely vindicated in this case, but am even more pleased that the principle of Fair Use in publishing has been upheld and reaffirmed with such clarity and strength. Judge Baylson has done a great service to all authors, artists, and publishers in this country and indeed the world." Warren claimed that the critically acclaimed Vanguard book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos which Spurlock produced with the famous monster movie artist along with noted artist and monster historian Kerry Gammill, infringed on copyrights Warren claims in issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine from the 1960s and 70s. Spurlock, who has worked with and represented the in terests of illustrators and cartoonists his entire career, pointed out that, "The Supreme Court and academics have long observed that the Fair Use Doctrine is actually equally as important as Copyright protection itself in serving the noble Constitutional purpose to promote the Progress of Science and the Useful Ars. (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8), BUT it is only the courage of discerning jurists at the District Court level, on the front lines of Litigation which can, by decisions like this, stop the severe chilling effect on creativity caused by the overreaching of some copyright claimants." The noted author, artist and publisher continued by saying,"We revere Copyright Protection AND Fair Use, as BOTH serve to increase the creativity which makes ours a more civilized, educated, enlightened and richer society."

Vanguard attorney M. Kelly Tillery of Pepper Hamilton, LLP, said,"As the Copyright Law provides that a prevailing party, such as Vanguard, is generally entitled to recover attorneys' fees and costs, we will file both a Bill of Costs and a Motion for Attorneys' Fees. From day one and throughout this time-consuming, expensive and contentious litigation, we warned Mr. Warren and his lawyers that we would win and that Plaintiffs would most likely end up paying BOTH their own fees and costs as well as Vanguard. Unfortunately, as a result of their stubborn persistence, they are likely to pay fees and costs, which amount to over $300,000. I truly hope and trust that this result will be a lesson, not only to the Plaintiffs herein, but to any others and their counsel." Spurlock said, "Kelly Tillery, and his team, Chris Olszyk and Cara Kearney, believed in me, my cause in honoring popular artists with career retrospective biographies, and my case and pursued my defense tirelessly with dedication and unique creativity. Litigation is so expensive that even the threat, "however baseless?ńý of a lawsuit can seriously inhibit authors, artists and publishers in their daily creative decisions, much to the detriment of culture. This decision will help free the creative community of the shackles of those meritless, but inhibiting, threats. I know it will help Vanguard get back to our business of honoring the popular arts and their creators."

New York, August 1, 2009

For Immediate Release-

Vanguard Films Signs Agreement with Vanguard Publishing-

On Jun. 5, 2008 Vanguard Animation announced their plans to team with Platinum Studios to launch a comics imprint named Vanguard Comics, designed to develop properties that can simultaneously be launched as comicbooks or graphic novels as well as feature films. It was quickly noted by many including Diamond Comics Distributors VP, Bill Schanes; Publishers Weekly journalist, Heidi MacDonald; and Vanguard Productions chief counsel, Charles W. Grimes, Esq.; that there was already a Vanguard in the publishing industry whose products included comics and graphic novels.

Active since October 1990, Vanguard is a noted publisher of pop culture books, graphic novels, mystery, science fiction, comic books, and more. Vanguard is best known as the world's leading producer of art book biographies on illustrators and cartoonists and has garnered acclaim from The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, The IPPY Awards, Starlog, National Public Radio, Video Watchdog, The Eisner Awards, Entertainment Weekly, Fangoria, Publishers Weekly, The Society of Illustrators, Rue Morgue Best of the Year, Variety, science fiction, Hugo Awards,, Library Journal, The Rondo Awards, Locus Best Science Fiction Reading, and more. Publisher, J. David Spurlock is currently expanding Vanguard's video projects as well as working on new books on illustrators J. Allen St. John, Marshall Arisman, Joe Kubert, and various popular musicians. Vanguard's biography on Hal Foster inspired the Society of Illustrators to induct the Prince Valiant creator into their Hall of Fame, and inspired Foster's hometown to erect a life-size bronze statue.-

Vanguard publications have been widely distributed through Diamond Distributors since 1993 with expanded trade distribution through nearly every major distributor including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Watson-Guptill, MPS, etc. since 2000. Vanguard likewise keeps a high profile presence through tradeshows including San Diego Comic-Con (this year marks Vanguard 16th consecutive year at Comic-Con), Book Expo America (often with their longtime associates, Watson-Guptill), New York Comic-Con, Wizard World and more. Vanguard also represents many top creators. Numerous Vanguard-related talents including Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Carmine Infantino and Vanguard publisher, J. David Spurlock are featured on the recent Starz network documentary, Comic Books Unbound.

Vanguard, commonly known in the publishing industry as Vanguard Press, is the owner of various trademarks including Vanguard Publishing, Vanguard Magazine, Vanguard Comics, Vanguard Studio, and, U.S. Trademark Registration No. 3,429,227 for the trademark Vanguard Productions for publishing. Additional Vanguard related trademark properties include, The EDGE, The Space Cowboy, Kid Spider among others-

Vanguard Animation chairman John H. Williams, produced the "Shrek" series. Vanguard Animation produced Fox's animated film "Space Chimps" and is partly owned by Starz Media. Having been brought up to date on the long established Vanguard in the publishing industry, Vanguard Animation chairman John H. Williams proposed an agreement between the two companies in which Vanguard Animation agrees not to publish using the name Vanguard and Vanguard Productions agrees not to use either of the names Vanguard Animation or Vanguard Films in regards to their own video/film/DVD projects. The agreement was signed on October 15, 2008. Announcement of the agreement was delayed while Vanguard Animation considered new names for their comics-related project.

More information is available at

Jan 2009

Friends, Artists, et al,

As most of you know,
I've spent most of my life, supporting Artist/Creator Rights--from my years leading the Society of Illustrators in Dallas, to many years teaching commercial art in various schools and Universities, to lecturing on copyrights and trademarks, launching of art scholarships,to representing illustrators, publishing artists works, supporting the return of original art to artists (including the current Babbitt Holocaust case), etc. -- In all these years, NO issue has ever been more crucial or demanded more grassroots movement than the Orphaned Works Bill currently in Congress. I have been vocal for some time now in opposing this Bill in Congress which wants to deprive creators of exclusive rights and protections currently available under the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the international TRIPs Agreement.
Below is a link to a revealing interview between animator, Mark Simon and
Society of Illustrators Hall of Famer, Brad Holland on the subject.

Please join me, Brad Holland, The New York Society of Illustrators, and so many others in calling and writing you legislators to voice your opposition to this Bill.
More information can be found on the Internet including at The Illustrators Partnership of America and: Illustrators' Partnership Orphan Works Blog:
Over 80 organizations oppose this bill (H.R.5889 / S.2913), representing over half a million creators. Illustrators, photographers, fine artists, songwriters, musicians, and countless licensing firms all believe this bill will harm their small businesses.
NOTE: It is likely you have heard from me on this before. If you receive an email too many, your patience is very much appreciated --this is very important to every creative person.
Sample letters and Representative contact info is at:

Best regards,
J. David Spurlock
Vanguard Productions



Spurlock and Steranko remember Dave Stevens

It is a very, very sad day.
I thought the world of Dave Stevens.
I knew he suffered from Leukemia for years but we wouldn't talk about it.
I look back warmly on many great times we shared frequently in social occasions with other
Art Pack types including Steranko, Kaluta, Bill Stout, Carmine Infantino, Bob Burden...

and even back to the Doug Wildey days!
There were usually a few great looking women with us too.
Great times with a brilliant artist.
I was proud to call him friend and I will always remember him.

J. David Spurlock



Three Nights Only at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, New York

February 25th, 26th, 28th, 2008

Kristen Foster /




Wally's World
The Brilliant Life & Tragic Death of Wally Wood,
the World's 2nd Best Comic Book Artist

Wally's World¨?¨?¨?¨?¨?Wally's World opens Halloween night, 1981, in a seedy world of pornographers and drug addicts, with a mysterious death by .44 magnum gunshot on the outskirts of Hollywood? This is no mystery club thriller but the true, dramatic, gut wrenching illustrated biography of legendary cartoonist-illustrator Wallace Wood. But his death, in semi-squalid surroundings and the wretched state of his body belie the glory that came before. Within the world of pop-art, Wood was revered as a rebel genius--akin to Jack Kerouac, James Dean and John Lennon--who led the way for, and inspired, a generation, including "underground" cartoonists Robert Crumb, Bill Griffith (Zippy) and Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegelman (Maus). The award-winning Wood rose to the pentacle of pop-culture stardom with a brilliant career as one...


Introduction by PETER MAX


Email Vanguard at for more information.



Vanguard Productions is well know for producing high-quality art books on illustrators and cartoonists as well as the occasional graphic novel. Publisher J. David Spurlock has announced that Vanguard will enter the fantasy art calendar market with three big, 12-inch x 12-inch, releases for 2007, featuring the finest in graphic novel and illustration talent. Each Calendar-Portfolio retails at $12.95 and are available from comics shops, and Vanguard (add $4.80 s/h).

Art of Steranko

Illustrator, escape artist, & filmmaker, Jim Steranko has cut a ferocious path through the entertainment arts with graphic novels, role-playing games, trading cards, TV series, documentaries, & exhibits around the world. His innovations on Marvel's X-MEN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and SHIELD revolutionized comics. He has collaborated with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola & inspired Michael Chabon's Pulitzer Prize winning novel. This heroic, 14-month calendar features paintings, photos, & commentary.

Art of Neal Adams

Vanguard presents the 1st calendar devoted to the legendary BATMAN, X-MEN and TARZAN artist. Adams' comic-book work serves as a benchmark and inspiration for every illustrator who works in the field to this day. His success at Marvel & DC Comics led to cutting-edge advertising work, stage design, amusement park ride design, magazine illustration & paperback book covers. This 14-month calendar features both rare and classic works.

VANGUARD: Masters of Fantastic Art

Features art by Idyl creator, Jeffrey Jones; Tarzan illustrator, Roy G. Krenkel; John Carter of Mars painter, J. Allen St. John; Weird Science legend, Wally Wood; Sci-Fi illustrator, Alex Schomburg; Conan artist, John Buscema; The Shadow illustrator, Steranko; Hollywood monster painter, Basil Gogos; Red Sonja artist, Frank Brunner; Catwoman illustrator, Paul Gulacy; Spider-Man creator, Steve Ditko; Heavy Metal magazine artist, Arthur Suydam; & Space Cowboy creator, J. David Spurlock.

Fill out the ORDER FORM and send with payment to:

Vanguard Productions
186 Center Street Suite 200
Clinton, NJ 08809



Jim Steranko and Basil Gogos

Vanguard Unites Famous Illustrators in NYC on 9-11-05

Vanguard Productions, the world's leading producer of art books and biographies on illustrators and cartoonists, united two famous illustrators at the recent 9-11-05 Big Apple Convention in New York City.

Jim Steranko is not only the top Shadow paperback book cover illustrator of all time, he's also a legendary 1960's pop-art innovator, escape artist (who helped inspire the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay), musician who gigged with early rock icon Bill Haley, and has worked with film directors Lucas, Spielberg & Coppola. Steranko's most recent book is the pulp revival, Domino Lady (Vanguard), which includes many Steranko illustrations and an all-new Steranko text story. Steranko is also working on an instructional graphic design book due from Vanguard in the Spring of 2006.

Basil Gogos is quite possibly the world's most famous monster artist. Gogos' early illustration work included men's adventure magazines and paperback covers but he endeared himself to multiple generations of monster movie fans with his Technicolor portrait covers to Famous Monster s of Filmland magazine from the early '60s through the late '70s. Today Gogos continues to produce beautiful monsters for movie posters, CD covers and more. He is currently working with Vanguard on a full-color monograph, The Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos (expected to ship New Year's) with intro by rock star, film director and Gogos collector, Rob Zombie.

Vanguard publisher and past president of the Dallas Society of Illustrators, J. David Spurlock said, "It was the first-ever meeting of Jim Steranko and Basil Gogos." Spurlock continued, " As you can see in the photo, they were very pleased to finally meet." Gogos appeared in promotion of his upcoming Vanguard art book while Steranko appeared in support of his Spirit of America 9-11 benefit project.

For more info:



It's official!

October 24, 25, 26 at Madison Square Garden (only US dates)
Presale Sept 12.
Public sale Sept 19.
Through TicketMaster



RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel

Link to more info about Roy G KrenkelVanguard is releasing their first ULTRA Deluxe Edition book. The RGK: Art of Roy G. Krenkel ULTRA Deluxe edition features gold gilded pages, suede slipcase, genuine leather binding, blind embossed official stamp of the Krenkel Estate, and an original sketch by RGK hand-tipped into each book.
Limited to 120 copies
$250 + $12 s/h
($36.00 s/h outside USA)

Available on a FIRST-COME,


Commentary by Al Williamson & Frank Frazetta

Email Vanguard at for more information.




Smiles & Grins Music president J. David Spurlock announced July 7, 2005 that, "Rumor has it that Cream will play New York, Oct. 23-25, 2005. Official confirmation is yet to come."


Scoop Summer News Header
Vanguard Launches BLAM! Imprint with New Magazine
Industry News, Scoop, Friday, May 13, 2005

¨?¨? Cover
Vanguard Productions presents a new full-color glossy, premier issue m agazine featuring the work of Battlestar Galactica star and science-fiction author Richard Hatch, as well as new talents Andrew E. C. Gaska, Christian Berntsen and Lucius Romero. Features take you behind the scenes of Vanguard Productions' new BLAM! Press imprint and their upcoming comic series, Richard Hatch¨s The Great War of Magellan. Get the inside track on the upcoming color comic series from Battlestar Galactica's Richard Hatch, including articles and interviews on the making of the new live action trailer, BLAM! Press' plans for Revenant the year one story arc, and an exclusive script excerpt from the upcoming one-shot comic GWoM: Legacy. A bonus section entitled The Lightjammer¨s Guide to the Magellanic Cloud serves as a primer to the GWoM universe! Packed with gorgeous full color photos and art by brilliant newcomer Lucius Romero and digital painter, Drew, The Official Great War of Magellan Magazine serves as the foundation to the epic Richard Hatch space adventure.

The 48-page publication retails for $6.99.

Original content ?2005 Gemstone Publishing, Inc. and/or Diamond International Galleries.
All other material ?2005 respective copyright holders. All rights reserved.





All of London and the world are a buzz over the rock event of the year, Cream's reunion concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. Cream is the world's first power-trio supergroup comprised of legends, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker. As head of the original (20 years) Jack Bruce Fan Club, I was interviewed about the event on BBC television and on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Compared to the later nights, the first night of the Cream reunion shows was like a rehearsal. While all the major press reviewed the first night as very good, little did they know the other nights were much better. My favorite was #3 of the 4, which was the most psychedelic. Souvenir stands looked like a wild day on Wall Street with many items selling out the first night!

Rock's royalty in attendance for the historic events included: The Beatles' Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison's wife Olivia; Pink Floyd's Roger Waters & Nick Mason; Sheryl Crow; Tom Hanks; Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page; Gary Moore; The Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman; The Who's Roger Daltry; Cream lyricist Pete Brown, who I sat with the first night; Traffic's Steve Winwood and Dave Mason; Elton John's Ray Cooper and many more.

---J. David Spurlock








Vanguard Productions announces LUNAR TUNES!

Wally Wood Lunar Toons¨?¨?¨?¨?¨?In this previously unpublished work, comics legend Wallace (Wally) Wood combines the satirical wit and humor that made him a star at MAD with the far-out sci-fi settings that made him famous at EC. Creat ed shortly before the comics genius's death, only a few LUNAR TUNES sample pages saw print in the later issues of Witzend but Vanguard presents, for the first time anywhere, the complete LUNAR TUNES...




A word from Harlan Ellison about Alex Schomburg

Link to more info about Alex Schomburg"Finally and at last! The magnificent answer to the question, 'What do you buy for the Man Who Has Everything?' No matter what age he may be, this every-page-a-wonder assemblage of Schomburg paintings will thrill, charm and delight any guy on his anniversary, birthday, holiday or need for apology from you. It might please women, too, but for guys, for sure."
-Harlan Ellison</ font>


Posted 28/January/2005

Cream Reunion at Albert Hall in May 2005




These Two Men Created More Comicbook Characters Than Any Other Living Artists!

Joe Simon and Carmine InfantinoLast year Flash, Batgirl Deadman, Animal Man, Poison Ivy and Black Canary co-creator Carmine Infantino appeared in New York City with his life-long friend, Captain America, Boy Commandos, Sandman, Fighting American, Boy's Ranch, The Fly co-creator Joe Simon. The two entertained a line of fans that wrapped around the Big Apple Convention hall!
NOW, due to overwhelming demand Vanguard Productions, publishers of Joe Simon's book The Comic Book Makers and The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino, announce the return engagement of the two men who created more comics characters than any other living artists!
Simon (in his 90s) and Infantino (in his 80s) will appear and sign autographs at the January 22-23, 2005 Big Apple Convention at the Penn Plaza across from Madison Square Garden in New York City

The two legendary, artist comics creators will also draw an original sketch inside copies sold of their deluxe Vanguard biographies!

Carmine Infantino will appear both Saturday and Sunday. Joe Simon will appear Sunday Jan 23rd only. The Big Apple Comic Book, Art, and Toy Show are located at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, between 7th Ave. and 33rd St., across from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station in New York City.
For more info logon to

Email Vanguard at for more information.



Spies, Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu

Link to more info about Paul GulacyStar Wars, Batman, 007, The Terminator, Master of Kung Fu and Catwoman: Building his reputation on these mega-properties Paul Gulacy has proven one of the most highly regarded comic book illustrators of the last 30 years! The artist populates his innovative and surreal designs with characters that bare resemblance to the likes of Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando and Marlene Dietrich. Gulacy made his initial mark on the art world while at Marvel comics during the Kung Fu craze of the 1970's with...


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