Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Art Print
STERANKO: Graphic Print Of Darkness
Item-LE-SNP-SGP- Vanguard Productions $75.00 + $6.95 s/h

        The name Steranko conjures cutting-edge noir imagery, searing cinematic storytelling experimentation, and "the ethics of perfection" to legions of followers who collected his Captain America, X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., Chandler, Heavy Metal, Shadow, and Superman work.

        Vanguard Productions publishers of Al Williamson, Jeffrey Jones, Neal Adams, and Wally Wood presents the STERANKO: GRAPHIC PRINT OF DARKNESS fine lithograph. The print was produced in conjunction with Vanguard's Steranko autobiography and features Steranko's Red Tide graphic novel detective Chandler--who bares a striking resemblance to the artist/magician, Steranko.

        This special edition on high quality matte finished stock is signed by the artist and is limited to only 500 copies. The printing was personally supervised by the artist & tipped onto a 15" x 21" black matte carrier sheet. Printed in 1998, there are few of these left. They have appeared on e-bay with $80.00 reserves. The printing plates have been destroyed. This is a fleeting shot at a piece of Steranko history!

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