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Softcover, Item# aw-soft is
still available at $50.00 (+ $3.95 shipping) from Vanguard Productions.
The Limited Edition $100.00 (+ $6.95 shipping) Hardcover, Item# aw-hard, Signed by Al Williamson should be ordered DIRECT from Vanguard Productions with this Order Form.

     For forty years, Al Williamson has epitomized artistic integrity. From his collaborations with Hogarth, Frazetta, Krenkel, Wood and Torres, to his award winning Flash Gordon, often immitated Warren Magazines to his classic Star Wars and Secret Agent newspaper strip art, Williamson's adventurous romantic work has consistently elevated the art of the comic strip to the level of Golden Age illustration and museum quality fine art.
     You can now order the 100 page, Al Williamson Sketchbook in Hardcover or Softcover direct from Vanguard Productions. Please order Item # aw-soft for $50.00 (+ $3.95 s/h) softcover and/or # aw-hard for the Limited Edition $100.00 (+ $6.95 s/h) hardcover.

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