Wallace Wood's
Wizard King Trilogy
Book II: Odkin Son of Odkin

     In major distribution for the first time! The Wizard King graphic novel trilogy is no kid’s comic—more like a sexy homage to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. MAD’s Wally Wood, one of the fathers of Underground Comix, takes us on a magical, mature-audience journey filled with elves, warriors, wizards, maidens, and kings! The Immi elves lived deep in the forest, isolated from the world, until a shadow with EYES fell over their village! Young Odkin is tricked and drawn into the intrigues of Alacazar the wizard to save the world from the blackest villain of all space and time. Through his journey, Odkin meets and enlists the aid of Iron Aron, Weer the lizard man, and saves the Immi from the Unmen, only to be ordered to face the greatest peril of all!

      Also available in a Deluxe Limited Edition which features 16 extra pages containing Wood's complete first tale of the World of the Wizard King collected from its serialization in WITZEND. Features an introduction by Wendy Pini, creator of the ever-popular Elfquest series.

Deluxe Hardcover Edition
  • ISBN 978-1-934331-06-4
  • 84 big glossy 8.5x11 pages
  • 16 page bonus pages
  • Price: $39.95

Hardcover Edition
  • ISBN 978-1-887591-91-1
  • 66 big glossy 8.5x11 pages
  • Price: $24. 95
Softcover Edition
  • ISBN 978-1-887591-90-4
  • 64 big glossy 8.5x11 pages
  • Price: $12.95

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