Legendary Art of N. C. Wyeth

by J. David Spurlock and N. C. Wyeth with a foreword by Star Wars and Lord of the Rings illustrator Greg Hildebrandt

J. David Spurlock follows his hit, Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage book with this new Wyeth collection packed with rare and classic color images featuring Robinson Caruso, Charlamange, patriots, patriarchs, pirates, pilgrims, The Mysterious Stranger, swashbucklers, Robin Hood, indians, dragons, Westerns, conquistadors, wizards, and maidens. A great many of these images have never appeared in any other Wyeth art book collection. Foreword by noted illustrator, Greg Hildebrandt.

DELUXE Limited Edition Slipcased Hardcover
ISBN-10: 193433121X
ISBN-13: 978-1934331217

* 148 pagess
* 16 page bonus folio.
* $69.95 (+ $9.00 U.S. S/H)

Tentatve Christmas 2014

Hardcover Edition
ISBN-10: 1934331228
ISBN-13: 978-1934331224

* 132 pages
* $39.95 (+ $9.00 U.S. S/H)

Tentatve Christmas 2014

Softcover Edition
ISBN-10: 1934331236
ISBN-13: 978-1934331231

* 132 pages
* $24.95 (+ $6.95 U.S. S/H)

Tentatve Christmas 2014

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